December 3, 2021

Sagacity: What’s In a Name?

10 years ago, Kathy Bruehl was looking for the right word.

She had a vision for a new company – an independent, specialized service alternative for E&P clients implementing or actively utilizing the Enertia Software solution. But the idea needed a name.

Her husband, Mark, excited for her new venture, had given her a long list of names to consider. She read through them, hoping that one might jump off the page. But as she read and reread various combinations of colors and animals like “Red Hawk” and “Blue Eagle”, she knew that she wasn’t just looking for something that sounded nice. She wanted a name that would communicate to her clients the values that would set her company apart. She wanted the name to mean something.

Revisiting the list with fresh eyes, she noticed one at the bottom…a beautiful, strange word:


It was lyrical and pleasant sounding, but what did it mean? After a quick internet search, she knew that she had found the word that would mark her company. It was a word that was meaningful, powerful, and wonderfully uncommon.

Pronounced suh – gas – ity, this word by definition means: “having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment”. It is synonymous with words like perception, knowledge, insight, depth, and wisdom.

Here’s why this word matters to you and your business – wisdom and good judgement are not innate qualities. They cannot be fabricated.  These are qualities born from care, humility, and recognition that each business and each problem is different. They are the reward for deep thought and careful consideration.

At Sagacity, we take an open-minded approach to every task, digging in to truly understand the business need and the people behind that need. We consider all of the potential solutions for a problem and the downstream effects of those options, including timeline, financial impact, and how well the solution fits the need. From this foundation, we empower our clients to make an informed decision, and then execute on that decision. The result? Wisdom and good judgement in the form of solid, forward thinking solutions, tailored to your business – not band aids.

So next time you hear our name, we hope that you will also know our heart: to care for your business not just with industry experience and technical expertise, but with Sagacity. 

To learn more about how Sagacity can help with your ERP software needs, check out our services page, or join us for a free consultation. We look forward to putting our name to work for your business.

Sagacity was founded in 2011 to provide an independent, specialized service alternative for E&P clients implementing or already utilizing the Enertia Software solution. Since then, Sagacity has grown into a boutique consulting company, and our team of leaders are passionate about using our diverse skill sets and wealth of industry experience to help clients achieve their software goals through solutions that are timely, transparent, and tailor-made to their needs.

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