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Small but Mighty: David defeats Goliath

Small but Mighty: 3 Reasons Sagacity Makes a Big Impact

When comparing expert solutions for your company’s Oil & Gas ERP software needs, it may seem wise to heed the adage “bigger is better”. In such an important and financially impactful decision, there’s a degree of security that comes from hiring a big name. That being said, at Sagacity, we believe that our smaller, more versatile team is one of our greatest strengths. Below, I’ll present three important ways that our small but mighty team can make a big impact for your business.  1. Experienced Resources, Guaranteed It will come as no surprise that the experience level of the resources…

Bridge Over Canyon

Bridging The Technology Gap

In the complicated world of oil and gas accounting, facing a challenge with your ERP software can feel like trying to cross a great canyon, vast and unknown, that stands between your current business and your goals for its future. As you look out past the gap towards the other side, you see the needs of your business: data you could use to make more informed decisions, improvements to processes, efficiencies to be gained. However, whether it be from a lack of training or a system limitation, your ERP software stands between you and realizing those needs. At Sagacity, we’re…

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Sagacity: What’s In a Name?

10 years ago, Kathy Bruehl was looking for the right word. She had a vision for a new company – an independent, specialized service alternative for E&P clients implementing or actively utilizing the Enertia Software solution. But the idea needed a name. Her husband, Mark, excited for her new venture, had given her a long list of names to consider. She read through them, hoping that one might jump off the page. But as she read and reread various combinations of colors and animals like “Red Hawk” and “Blue Eagle”, she knew that she wasn’t just looking for something that…

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