Small but Mighty: David defeats Goliath

March 15, 2022

Small but Mighty: 3 Reasons Sagacity Makes a Big Impact

When comparing expert solutions for your company’s Oil & Gas ERP software needs, it may seem wise to heed the adage “bigger is better”. In such an important and financially impactful decision, there’s a degree of security that comes from hiring a big name. That being said, at Sagacity, we believe that our smaller, more versatile team is one of our greatest strengths. Below, I’ll present three important ways that our small but mighty team can make a big impact for your business. 

1. Experienced Resources, Guaranteed

It will come as no surprise that the experience level of the resources staffed on your project can make a big difference in the results. Experienced resources minimize risk and maximize efficiency. Though our team is small, it is mighty. On day one, our least experienced resource walks in your door with 6+ years of ERP Software experience. Kathy Bruehl, our founder, has 25+ years of ERP Software experience and was the VP of Support at Enertia Software for 13 years (and yes, you’ll have direct access to her). Our experience covers a wide array of project types, including full-scope implementations, acquisition and divestiture conversions, system security redesigns for compliance, and custom off-system solutions using Alteryx, among many others. Working with Sagacity, you won’t have to wonder whether you’re getting the most out of your resources. You’re getting our best every time.

2. True Experts: Helping You See the Big Picture

When you hire ERP software consultants, you’re relying on their expert knowledge to help you make informed decisions. But all too often, you end up with a large team of “expert” resources who are in actuality department specialists. Inconvenience aside, this partition of knowledge places the burden on you to construct the bigger picture required to make decisions. What if instead of piecemealing information from multiple specialists, you could consult one, true expert with all of your questions? Kathy Bruehl has worked in the Oil & Gas industry for over 30 years and possesses a true expert-level understanding of how the industry translates into ERP software across all departments. With her leading our small team of versatile resources, Sagacity can simply do more with less.

3. Cost Effectiveness Without Compromising Results

Results are important, but if achieved at a higher cost than expected, you’re likely going to be disappointed regardless. Generating premium value requires cost control, and that is where our small but mighty team truly shines. It starts with the aforementioned experience, versatility, and expert knowledge of our team, which allows Sagacity to run lean but still produce on-time, high-quality results. Additionally, our deep industry knowledge base allows us to leverage time-saving best practices on your behalf, while also helping you avoid common pitfalls that can be time-consuming and costly. All of this adds up to dollars saved for you without compromising results.

Small, but mighty indeed. But if you’re still skeptical, we hope you’ll let us prove it to you. Reach out to us with any question you have about your ERP software by scheduling a free consultation, and we’ll show you how we do more with less.

Sagacity was founded in 2011 to provide an independent, specialized service alternative for E&P clients implementing or already utilizing the Enertia Software solution. Since then, Sagacity has grown into a boutique consulting company, and our team of leaders are passionate about using our diverse skill sets and wealth of industry experience to help clients achieve their software goals through solutions that are timely, transparent, and tailor-made to their needs.

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